The ADMCi School for Digital Craftsmanship


A school dedicated entirely to the craft of user-centered design. 

Defining a new standard in digital craftsmanship for recent graduates and career-switching professionals. 

Businesses are trying to be more customer-focused (that's code for 'user-centered'). Products like Apple's are lauded for being beautiful and easy to use (also code for 'user-centered').

These are the skills and insights we teach every day. 

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Jim Jacoby provides an overview of the school and its value to professionals building new skills and businesses strengthening their customer focus.

Fall session starts October 13

The Details...

We are a training and education program fully dedicated to the craft of user experience (UX) to build stronger businesses and more rewarding careers.

These rapidly growing professional skills combine the logic of business and technology with the artistry of design and human insight. Perfect candidates can enter from either end of the spectrum and build a skill set businesses need today.

> Public classes are available in person and online...

> Custom corporate programs are available anytime...

> Additional details on our live information sessions...

Marketplace on NPR

Kai Ryssdal sets up the story at American Public Media (APM)...

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Blog Highlights 

Twitter Stream...

Blog: Digital Craftsmanship
Alum: Emily Nill - Content Strategist

She acquired the tools, mastered the craft, and became professionally unstoppable. This piece retraces the steps that led Emily Nill to The ADMCi School for Digital Craftsmanship, which equipped her with the skills necessary to create a bright, successful long-term career plan. 

Not Bad for the Store's First Day

We're movin' product! 

The ADMCi Store is Now Open

We're proud to introduce our first product this weekend. Wear your pride in craftsmanship, with Tenet #3 emblazoned on the sleeve of this ADMCi Commissions exclusive. 

A Message from the Past

If you would like to unravel this mystery and learn from our master-practitioners -- in this case our Founder, Jim Jacoby -- please join us.

Full-Stack Craftsman - The Future of Craftsmanship?

For the makers of connected objects used by living beings, the story already in motion today is impacting today’s craftsmen, designers, tinkerers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and prosumers. This is what I wish to explore in an effort to inform makers of connected designed objects on how to elevate their craft or excite others into exploring this realm of industrial design meets digital product development.

Designing for 'PastPresentFuture'

Eric La Brecque, writer, brand story teller, reinventor of city narratives jumps in the fray on what's happening around us as our ability to create through mix-and-match technologies from all generations continues to explode around us.

A New Model for Tech Innovation: Invest in the Humanities

We presented our funding model for sustainable master-craftsmanship in the 21st century at New Orleans Launchfest earlier this year. Enjoy

Coming full-circle: Surprise-and-Delight. (To add... or remove?) [tl;dr]

"Blu-Rays used to be the future. Discs used to be the future. Physical mediums used to be the future. Then they told us to go on the cloud. I don’t know where we’re headed, but we’re definitely going backwards in the cycle. It’s new tech in old guts. But why should we buy this?"

The Stories We Can Build

Who says creative storytelling and logical design functions are mutually exclusive?

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