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A school dedicated entirely to the craft of user-centered design. 

Defining a new standard in digital craftsmanship for recent graduates and career-switching professionals. 

Businesses are trying to be more customer-focused (that's code for 'user-centered'). Products like Apple's are lauded for being beautiful and easy to use (also code for 'user-centered').

These are the skills and insights we teach every day. 

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Winter Quarter Starts Jan 12, 2015

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Jim Jacoby provides an overview of the school and its value to professionals building new skills and businesses strengthening their customer focus.

Past students share their experience

Winter quarter begin January 12!

Winter quarter begin January 12!

The Details...

You’ll spend 10 sessions with actual design practitioners, who will help explain why they love what they do and how they got to where they are. It’s also why our instructors are current practitioners in their industry. They love what they do and want to see more people succeeding in the UX fields.

You’ll work with real world clients along the way. At the end of a quarter you have 11+ new amazing contacts in your network for mentorship and guidance, not to mention the team you will help to cultivate and lead.

> Public classes are available in person and online...

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Emotional Ink
Change can often become a coping mechanism. Whether it be donning a brand new hair style or acquiring a fresh tattoo, changing your appearance can often affect your emotional well-being.  (Photo credit: "All Seeing Eye" tattoo by Esther Garcia)
The Social Value of Video Games

Video games are notorious for having a violent influence on those that play them; however, beyond the weapons and explosions, both personal and online gaming allow players to develop social skills that are versatile in many key aspects of their daily lives.  (Photo courtesy

How IBM is Proving that Design is Everything!

Design, with a capital, not lower case “d,” is the next focus of IBM's $100 million investment. Find out why it should be pervasive throughout your company.

5 Things We Want Every 6th Grade Girl (And Their Mamas) To Know

Pamela and her 16-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, know it's not easy being a girl. It's even harder when girls are expected to conform to feminine stereotypes. If Pamela and Mackenzie could talk to each young girl who was struggling with being herself, this is what they'd say.

Before You Say “Yes” to an Interview

Many business leaders jump at the chance to be interviewed, relishing the free publicity.
But before naively going into an interview, figure out how to collaborate with the reporters so your goals are met as well.  (Photo courtesy of

Technology Rules (Our Lives)

For the most part, we embrace the advances that technology affords, assuming we've
harnessed the benefits it offers. But what if it's the other way around, and instead of usruling technology, technology has an unsuspected influence on us?

How the West of Digital Marketing was Won

The uncharted territory of content strategy and user-centered design may seem raw and untamed, but Cynthia Gelper, a recent content strategist certificate-recipient, sheds some light on how the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative is giving individuals like her the tools and confidence to explore this territory and push its frontier.

The Secret Sauce of SoMe

Putting yourself  in the customer’s shoes is an important mindset to keep for any business looking to sell a product or service; however, Aalap Shah discusses his experiences at ADMCi which have allowed him to build on that mindset and enhance his company’s abilities to help clients reach their customers. 

Want to Dabble in UX?

Dabble in UX to figure out if these new skills might be right for you...

Practitioner: Christine Mortensen

How can you get started in a vibrant career in content marketing? Christine Mortensen has some pointers that will get you started now.